Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DISCUSSION - Where are the bodies???

Where are the bodies? We know that Dr. Saugrain died in 1820 and was buried at the Old Catholic Cemetery and then later moved, maybe as many as three times.We are looking for input from other families who may have experienced the same issues with their ancestors.All comments welcome.2/9/091)

A. F. Saugrain's burial record in Old Cathedral Cemetery2)Notes regarding Franklin Ave. Cemetery, referencing Old Catholic Cemetery, from a notebook containing information on St. Louis Cemeteries from Missouri Historical Society. When given to us, we were cautioned that the information has not been verified. However, it may give you some clues and probably, the staff of Missouri Historical may be able to provide more assistance.3)Listing of burials in Calvary Cemetery Lot 0075, section 013 which includes Antoine's widow, Genevieve R. Saugrain.4)Both Antoine and his wife, Rosalie Genevieve Saugrain, left estates which are online through the State Archives' Website. I am wondering if one of their children might have left money in a will for a marker on their father's grave, thus revealing its location. I have seen that happen in more than one case. With that in mind, Antoine P. Saugrain also had an estate viewable on the State Archives Web site.(TT) Paul, I'm struck by the listing on the Franklin Cemetery .pdf -- "1892-remains removed to Calvary"....... does this coordinate with what you have learned about the "Early Settlers" section ?? I'm still puzzled by the statement on the Archdioceses website.....In Section 5D you will find the graves of thousands of the early settlers of St. Louis. French, Indian and Afro-Americans originally buried at the site of the Old Cathedral and buried here in 1950. Calvary even know who is in that section and when they arrived!!!!(PDP) There seems to be two dates that are not coinciding with the "final" removal - that of 1892, which I believe is probably more accurate ... and that perhaps in 1950 the headstone of the Nez Perce was erected for those buried in that "mass grave" section. Just a thought.

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