Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jean Pierre Chouteau Jr 1758-1849

Birth: Oct. 10, 1758
Death: Jul. 9, 1849

Pierre was the son of Madame Chouteau and Pierre de Laclede Linguest. Along with his brother Auguste, Pierre helped to initiate the fur trade in the St. Louis region. He also made important contributions in merchandising, banking and real estate. Growing up in a frontier trading outpost, Pierre took up residence in one of the Osage villages by the time he was 17.

He eventually became the family's resident Osage agent. Upon completing a journey to Washington, he returned to St. Louis as Louisiana's first American Indian agent. He was also a justice of the peace and was elected to the St. Louis Board of Trustees. He served as the first Board chairman & was on 6 of the 12 boards chosen between 1810 and 1822.

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